Investment Strategy

McCormick International offers investors secure real estate properties with growth potential. The goal for each real estate investment is to provide the level of return stated in the offering while providing a safe and secure investment.

McCormick International uses local knowledge to identify real estate opportunities, mostly in the areas of commercial, industrial, retail and multifamily developments.

Each investment project will be owned by a Limited Partnership unique to each project. Investors will either provide debt to that Limited Partnership or if they are an equity partner, will have ownership in the Limited Partnership as the Limited Partner. McCormick International will be the general partner.

The goal of McCormick International is to fund as much of the project as possible with equity or private debt in order to minimize the risk to investors.

Washington State downtown investment
City of Seattle and
International Port to China
Washington State strategic investment
City of Tacoma with Major International Trade Relations with China
Washington State winery investment
Washington Wine Country

McCormick International provides all leasing and property management services through its affiliated in-house company. McCormick International takes pride in providing tenants with exceptional service and the benefit to investors is having a sound investment with happy tenants who pay well.

McCormick International maximizes investor return by choosing to invest in areas with higher than average expectation for growth. This is done by selecting areas in which to invest which are near growing city centers, growing Schools and Universities, growing Ports and Growing Waterfronts.

McCormick International choses areas in which to develop which have a higher than normal potential for growth. This means rents grow faster in these areas making the projects more successful. This strategy lowers risk to investors and improves the exit strategy for each investment.

Seattle investment opportunities
Seattle: One of the fastest growing cities in the United States.

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