McCormick International - U.S. Education Integration Program

EB-5 immigration program, child education McCormick International is an integrated company of immigration, investment, development, and education.

We help families invest in U.S real estate, help families apply for EB-5 Visa, help families find schools in the U.S for their children, help those children find places to live, and we stay committed to serving those children and their families when they are living in the U.S.

Our goal is to help families make the transition from China to the U.S. and make that process as easy and safe as possible.

McCormick International is now planning an educational dormitory to become home to international students who have come to the U.S to study in U.S. schools. This dormitory will have an educational class to help Chinese students learn English and to learn the U.S. culture.

Currently we work in cooperation with private schools for young children as well as universities for older children. We want to help in any way possible. To learn more, contact McCormick International and ask about our Intgrated Educational Program.

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