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McCormick International is an integrated real estate company providing Real Estate Development, Property Management, Sales and Leasing, Investment Opportunities , Immigration Services, Architecture and Engineering Design, and having numerous Real Estate Holdings. McCormick International is the real estate service provider providing development services, investment services and immigration services for its projects and developments.

The property management company is named Camelot Properties LLC. The Architectural and Engineering company is a separate entity named INNOVA Architects Inc. Each of the individual real estate holdings and investment opportunities are held in title by separate entities; either a Limited Partnership or a Limited Liability Company.

McCormick International has been developing, investing, managing and providing services for real estate developments since the early 1990s. Since that time McCormick International has been involved with over 50 million square feet of building development, representing 5 billion dollars in real estate development on 2500 acres of land. This development experience has been in the areas of multifamily housing, senior care, retail, office and industrial development.

McCormick International has three locations, having its corporate headquarters in Tacoma, Washington with offices in Seattle and Shanghai. McCormick International is involved with immigration through the United Stated Citizens and Immigration Services Department, providing foreign investors, opportunities to invest in McCormick International development projects in the United States and by doing so, gaining the opportunity to receive visas for investors and their families to live in the United States.

McCormick International provides real estate developments across Washington State with a focus on the Puget Sound Region near the major west coast ports. Washington State is the most trade dependent state of all 50 stated in the U.S, and within Washington State, Tacoma is the most trade dependent City, having a major Port, the Port of Tacoma, having a major trade alliance with China.

McCormick International is headquartered in the World Trade Organization building in Tacoma and is an active member of the World Trade Center Tacoma (http://wtcta.org/). McCormick International and its affiliated companies have been a major part of the Tacoma community for over 20 year with strong connections to businesses, the community and the local government.

McCormick International has formed strategic alliances with large financial institutions as well as with high net worth individuals both in the US as well as in China to accommodate financing of projects having development costs up to $250 Million dollars.

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